Mario-Style Mushroom Mini Vacuum Cleaner

Mario-Style Mushroom Mini Vacuum Cleaner

Gamers can now get their hands on one of these cool looking mini vacuum cleaners, inspired by the life-giving Super Mario 1-Up mushroom.


  • Mushroom Desk Mini Cleaner
  • To remove the hair or dust on the garment
  • To remove the dust on the surface of home appliance, computer keyboard or furniture
  • To remove the cigarette or interior of car
  • Diameter: To: 9.5 cm, Base: 7 cm
  • AA battery x 2 pcs

Mario-Style Mushroom Mini Vacuum Cleaner

The Mario-style Mushroom Desk Mini Cleaner is available in red, orange, green or purple for $12 from Gadget Brando.

(Chip Chick via Geeky Gadgets)

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16 Responses to “Mario-Style Mushroom Mini Vacuum Cleaner”

  1. What a fantastic little machine. Isn’t it cool looking, I can’t see a reason why I would need it but I know that I really want one just because of the fact it looks so cool. It would fit in anywhere…right time to go shopping 🙂


  2. Nice vibrant colors! Anything to clean my computer keyboard will do just fine.

  3. Miele Canister Vacuums Reply May 24, 2010 at 12:17 pm

    Miele Vacuums have advanced features and are made with quality. Select models are available in fun colors, including Melon Yellow, Mango Red, Polar Ice and Metallic Blue. They also have standard colors as well.

  4. These seem really cool, I think my dog would be afraid of them though!

  5. I’d buy all 4 colors and let them loose…

  6. Miele vacuums are great for geeks and it is not just the colors. They are an amazing feet of modern engineering. They have the best suction and filtration on the market today!

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