LEGO Lunchbox

LEGO Lunchbox

While there are plenty of cool lunch boxes available, like the Star Trek Lunchbox and Sandwich Lunchbox, none are as dramatically different as the LEGO Lunchbox. Rather than being a regular metal lunch box that is printed with a Lego theme, this one actually is a giant plastic building brick.

The LEGO lunch box is designed to be the right size to hold a lunch, and still fit into a school bag or backpack.  However, it is also a great size to use to store and organize things, such as kitchen utensils, small hand tools, pens & pencils, toys, and collections of Legos.

Lego Lunch Boxes

LEGO Lunchbox

  • Officially licensed LEGO lunchbox
  • Made from polypropylene
  • Measures approximately 7.5cm H x 10cm W x 20cm L

LEGO Lunchboxes are available for £9.99 from in 4 colors: black, red, pink, and blue.

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2 Responses to “LEGO Lunchbox”

  1. imagine opening this in office to have lunch and there is a roar of laughter from other colleagues 🙁
    its too geeky :S

  2. very cool. i got a blue lego lunch box.
    i post my lunches on my website.

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