Illooms Light Up Balloons

Illooms Light Up Balloons

Now what’s the one thing that can truly liven up any humdrum party? Party favors? An open bar? Drinking games? It could be any one of those or none at all, but any party is surely going to be a huge hit when you’ve got these Illooms Light Up Balloons doing their thing at the venue.

These balloons will literally brighten up the scene and will be enough to liven up the party or at least give your guests something to talk about. Balloons have long been used as party decorations, but you don’t really find them at evening parties for the reason that they’re going to be a bit hard to spot. But when they’ve got LED lights inside them, well, then it’s a totally different story.

Illooms Light Up Balloons

Illooms Light Up Balloons

Illooms are simple colored balloons that have an LED light inside. Just pull the label on the LED light to turn it on before you blow up the balloon like you would any normal balloon and you’ll have spectacular luminous balloons. If you fill it with helium, you’ll even have some beautiful flying lights. Simply brilliant!

These balloons are perfect for all sorts of night time soirees, whether the party is indoors or outdoors: birthdays, kid’s parties, weddings, etc… And the lights last up to 15 hours, so there’s little danger the balloons will dim before the party’s over. And children love them!

The Illooms Light Up Balloons are available from Curiosite for $17.73.

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