Highly Caffeinated Brownies and Cookies

Highly Caffeinated Brownies and Cookies

When a double venti espresso followed by a Red Bull chaser just isn’t enough, (yeah, you know who I’m talking about) then you can always add a little more caffeine to your diet with the Highly Caffeinated Brownies and Cookies. These sweets are set to spike more than just your blood sugar levels. With roughly 200mg per brownie/cookie, you’ll be quickly on your way to redefining sugar rush.

These caffeinated sweets make a great party snack and dessert, especially for late nights when you need a little pick me up. With only 11 grams of total fat per serving, Snack in your Face is having trouble keeping these on the shelves.

Snack in your Face Caffeinated Brownies and Cookies

Highly Caffeinated Brownies and Cookies

  • These suckers are truly decadent desserts, deliciously made by A Snack in the Face.
  • Choice of: brownie, cookie, or one of each!
  • Caffeine Content: 200mg per brownie/cookie
  • Net Wt.: 4.2oz
  • Dimensions: approx 3.5″ square.

You can currently purchase the cookies for $3.99 at ThinkGeek and they should have the brownies back in stock shortly.

To really take your caffeine levels to the next level, you could mix in the Caffeinated Stay Puft Marshmallows….sounds yummy, but you better make sure your heart can handle it first!

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