Handmade Leather Dragon Wings with Harness

Handmade Leather Wings with Harness

Wake the Dragon and attach the Handmade Leather Dragon Wings with Harness to your back. They won’t let you fly, but they look real enough to have people wondering.

Made with genuine leather and a wire frame, these adjustable wings are perfect for costume parties, role playing or even pretending to be one of Daenerys Targaryen’s dragons from the Game of Thrones saga.

Handmade Leather Dragon Wings with Harness

Individually handmade by an artisan in Seattle, they have a flexible wire frame that runs down the “fingers,” which makes them shapeable so your dragon or bat form can be uniquely yours. They’re built on a sturdy leather harness with five different buckles, and they ain’t going anywhere you don’t want them. Just remember to take your wingspan into account before walking through doorframes or you could accidentally throw yourself at the floor (and miss, hopefully).

Handmade Wings with Harness

Handmade Leather Dragon Wings with Harness

  • Constructed of genuine leather.
  • Built on a wire frame to allow for a certain degree of shaping.
  • Wings themselves have two small buckles with 7 adjustment points each; they adjust from 29″ to 32 1/2″ wide.
  • Both 1″ wide shoulder straps have 22 adjustment points each; they adjust from 19 1/2″ to 31″ long.
  • Chest strap has 9 adjustment points; it adjusts from 11″ to 15″ wide.
  • Chest strap can be fastened above or below breasts. Folks with wider shoulders and torsos will want to fasten it above. Folks with smaller frames will probably want to fasten it below to ensure it is snug.
  • Dimensions: approx. 30″ wide x 22″ high

For those of you looking to have a little Dragon fun, you can pick up the Handmade Leather Wings with Harness at ThinkGeek.com for $199.99.

Since there’s always someone that needs reminding, here it is: You can’t fly, even with these awesome handmade leather wings so get down off the roof before you hurt yourself.

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  1. Seriously,200 BUXS??!!! WTH!! is there a youtube vedio how to make this? How much does the suplies cost?And what suplies do you need?

  2. noooooooooo too much money it should be priced at around 80 dollars

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