GPS Travel Mouse

Deluo MouseGPS

This compact USB mouse does not only have a design suited for traveling, it can also transform your laptop into a full-featured GPS navigation system.

This innovative design integrates a high-quality optical mouse, with premium features such as a retractable USB cord and ergonomic grip, with a state-of-the-art DeluoGPS. This multi-tasker takes one of the most needed Laptop accessories and adds one of the most useful functions available to any traveler to transform the Laptop into a full-featured GPS navigation system. Available with Microsoft® Streets & Trips, the best-selling mapping software, the Deluo MouseGPSTM will help you find your way through urban jungles and the World Wide Web alike.

More about the product on the official website and at Amazon:

Deluo MouseGPS

(Via SlipperyBrick)

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  1. I think this is an excellent idea. I use my laptop for navigation on board and space is always limited. I use the mouse while I’m navigating. Why buy two things when you can do it with only one!

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