Glugg Fire Extinguisher Water Bottle

Glugg Fire Extinguisher Water Bottle

Ever notice how some Thai restos don’t give you nearly enough water to put out the fires that burn in your mouth after eating hell-hot chili peppers? Somebody call 911. Shawty fire burning on the taste buds, whoa! Most of the time, there aren’t nearly enough tissues to absorb the leaks that spring from the nose, either. Next time you frequent your favorite spice eatery, Tex-Mex, Indian, Thai, etc., don’t leave home without the Glugg Fire Extinguisher Water Bottle.

Glugg Fire Extinguisher Water Bottle

This red Wild & Wolf Thirst Extinguisher stainless steel water bottle is in the shape of an actual British Fire Extinguisher.

The water bottle has ‘Glugg’ printed in white along with ‘Water Thirst Extinguisher’, which makes it look even more like a fire extinguisher.

The Thirst Extinguisher water bottle has a 600ml capacity, a flip up mouth piece and a handy carry loop, making it highly practical for everyday use.

  • In the shape and colors of a British Fire Extinguisher
  • Made from stainless steel, 600ml capacity, Flip up mouth piece
  • Handy carry loop, Not an actual fire extinguisher!
  • Dimensions: 21 x 6.5 x 6.5cm, Weight: 165g

Though the bottle is modeled after the types of extinguishers you’d see in Britain, it still looks a lot like typical extinguishers seen everywhere else. Red seems to be an appropriate, universal color.

Keep hydrated and put out your own fires with the Glugg Fire Extinguisher Water Bottle, available on November 7 through I Want One of Those for £10.99.

Speaking of extinguishers, here’s a Dust Extinguisher Desk Vacuum that sucks up debris from your desk.

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