Giant Microbes Halloween Set

Giant Microbes Halloween Set

Owning plush toys that are actually stuffed representations of microbes doesn’t sound very appealing. But once you actually get to see them, I’m pretty sure you’ll change your mind about the whole thing, because they’re going to be among the most adorable plush toys you’ll ever see. One example is the Tub of 3 Salmonella Plush Toys that sounds pretty freaky, but don’t look it at all. And then there’s the Giant Microbes Halloween Set.

If I were still a young grade-schooler, I swear I’d carry at least of the microbes from the Giant Microbes Halloween Set with me to school and to anywhere else I’m going every day. They’re giant representations of a variety of microbes all dressed up spooky costumes of sorts–just perfect for Halloween!

Giant Microbes Halloween Set

Based on their cuddly counterparts Giant Microbes, the Giant Microbes Halloween Set is made up of everyone’s favorite microscopic cells and organisms. But this time they’re dressed in super-cute Halloween costumes!

  • Anthrax in a witch hat
  • Flesh Eating Bacteria with spooky fangs
  • Amoeba with black mask
  • Black Death embroidered with a skull and crossbones
  • Ebola in Frankenstein’s monster costume with stitched mouth and neck bolts

The Giant Microbes Halloween Set is available from Firebox for £19.99 ($31.)

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