Geomesh Tokyoflash Watch


Geomesh is the name of yet another cool looking watch from the Japanese Tokyoflash company. As always, reading the time is a bit tricky.

The face consists of a mirrored grid with 27 LED’s which lights up in various patterns that cryptically tell the time. Here’s how it works (take a look at the photo below for reference):

Hours are indicated by counting the vertical lights & minutes by the horizontal lights. The minute lights can indicate 5 mins each light or 1 minute depending on the configuration – sounds complicated, but not really that difficult.

The Green (vertical) lights are hours. The Yellow (horizontal) lights are 5 mins each & the Red 1 minute each. The same applies to the other models, just the color is different.


Geomesh available in a brushed Gunmetal finish with either White, Blue or Multi-color LED’s. The price is set to ¥13,900 (about $121 USD).

The watch is yet to be released. Keep an eye at Tokyoflash for updates.


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5 Responses to “Geomesh Tokyoflash Watch”

  1. Wicked! Tokyoflash is by far the coolest place to get watches. Bought there twice before and service is rocks. 3 days to get my watch.
    Highly recommend them.



  2. I totally agree with you Mike.

    It was the same when a friend of mine recently ordered. Shipped to Sweden in a matter of days.

  3. In Russia (Moscow) you can by this watch in “Tokyo Lihts” store.

  4. In Russia, city Ekaterinburg, watch Geomesh, you can by in smartmax.

  5. Can anyone share with me , who is the company that produces or own ToykoFlash !!!



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