Geek Crime Scene Tape

Geek Crime Scene Tape

Very intelligent people are much too valuable to be distracted by mere mortals when they are working. Those same people hate it when they are interrupted while they are trying to play multi-player video games. reader Mike S. sent us the solution: Geek Crime Scene Tape. Block the disturbances by surrounding yourself with this geeky police tape, just like how police block off a crime scene.

Genius Crime Scene Tape

There are two varieties of this Geek Crime Scene Tape to choose between. One repeats “GEEK INSIDE,” while the other repeats “GENIUS AT WORK.” Each roll of geek police tape is 50 feet in length, which is enough to block off your cubicle, office, dorm room, or bedroom. Buy both for some Geeky CSI fun!

Geek Crime Scene Tape is available for $4.95 a 50′ roll at in your choice of “Genius at Work” or “Geek Inside” versions. Get both rolls for $7.92.

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