Flying R/C UFO Lamp

Flying R/C UFO Lamp

The Japanese video game developer Taito is giving you a chance to light up your room in a way that would even make Fox Mulder jealous, using a flying UFO inspired radio-controlled lamp.

A pair of rotary-blades on top of the toy provides the lift to take to the air and control is handled through a handheld remote control.

The UFO-One Light can be pre-ordered from the NCSX shop. The product will ship in November 2008 and the price is set to $22.90.

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4 Responses to “Flying R/C UFO Lamp”

  1. Wow! I love this light gadget. Trouble is of course they could well see the amount of UFO sightings grow considerably in your local neighborhood!

  2. Are these UFO lights now in production? I have been looking for ages for them to come onto the market here in the UK but currently cannot find them anywhere.

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