Sasquatch Extremely Large Flask

Extremely Large Flask

There’s just something about abnormally huge stuff that makes seemingly ordinary things well, extraordinary. (However, an exception to the rule is the Mega Cockroach, unless you’re into insects and roaches). I mean, take lighters for example. They’re useful but they’re nothing to write home about, unless they’re the Giant Lighters. Flasks are sort of like that, too, unless they’re decorated to resemble one of those old notebooks you used to carry to school like the Notebook Flask or they’re enormous, like the Sasquatch Extremely Large Flask.

The Sasquatch Extremely Large Flask is larger than the giant flask, since it has a capacity of a whopping 128 ounces! You could carry your drinks in some thermos or water jug, but hey, it wouldn’t be as fun to carry around or fun to drink.

Extremely Large Flask

Sasquatch Extremely Large Flask

Seldom seen in the wild, but large enough to satisfy even the mighty Sasquatch’s thirst (or a party of six’s mere mortals), these giant flasks can quench the most monstrous of thirsts with a seemingly endless supply of spirits. Is straight liquor not your thing? The ginormous 128oz capacity of this large flask makes it the perfect way to carry any non-carbonated beverage with you wherever you need it as well. Made of high quality stainless steel and featuring a screw off lid, this is not only a funny flask, it is functional as well.

The Extremely Large Flask is available from Home Wet Bar for $29.95 and at from $21.

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