Egg Chair

Egg ChairFancy having an egg cup that does more than just hold your egg in place comfortably before you eat it? The Egg Chair by designer Anima Dominica will change how you hold your eggs and eat them, too.

These egg cups hold your egg in place comfortably while you take a stab (or swipe at it) with your fork. Want it warmer? Simply pop everything (yes, including the chair) in the oven or microwave to enjoy your cholesterol-filled treats warm.

Egg Chair

The Egg Chair is also dishwasher safe, so simply throw it in your machine after your little snack. A show of its extreme functionality is evident from the wide temperature range that it can withstand: -50° C to 300° C. Although personally, I don’t really think we want our eggs to be that hot.

It’s also available in an array of vibrant colors that will brighten up your dining table or any other place, for that matter.

Egg Chair

Egg Chair

  • Oven Safe – Achieve excellent baking peformance.
  • Microwave Safe – Ready steady for cooking, reheating and defrosting.
  • Non-Stick – Especially designed for easy release of pastry.
  • Dishwasher Safe – Good for convenient and efficient clean up.
  • Freezer Safe – Able to be filled with any ingredients until perfectly chilled or frozen.
  • Temperature Range – Innovatively designed to withstand temperatures from -50° C to 300° C, providing even heat-spread whilst remaining odor-free.

The Egg Chair is currently in production and will be made available soon on Silicone Zone.

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