Dragon Ear Wrap

Dragon Ear Wrap

Perfect for those that want unique jewelry without needing special piercings, the Dragon Ear Wrap is the striking earring that only requires a regular earring hole. Made of English pewter with a surgical stainless steel post, the dragon measures just over 3 inches tall. It is made to wear on your right ear, and since it weighs less than ¾s of an ounce, it should be relatively comfortable. Perfect for everyday, or as the finishing touch on a costume.

We see people with awesome piercings every so often and think, “That’d be neat to have, but they must have been working on that for years.” For people who don’t have that kind of time, we introduce the commitment-free Dragon Ear Wrap. He hovers over your right shoulder, whispering bad ideas into your ear (like dragons do), but he doesn’t require any special piercings; a single, standard earring hole will do. Gotta be in your right earlobe for this to work, though.

Order the Dragon Ear Wrap for $34.99 at ThinkGeek.com. Now at Amazon.com for about $18.

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8 Responses to “Dragon Ear Wrap”

  1. AWESOME, Great idea, look like the craftsmanship is flawless. I’m definately ordering it:)

  2. This is GREAT but the ear looks infected…

  3. In one word? Awesome. But the one horn looks like it’s digging into their ear.
    When I get my earlobe pierced, I’m ordering this (right now I only have and industrial piercing).

  4. wuoooo tell me at what price

  5. Do h have to have a gauge because the ear looks gauged !!!

  6. Its definitely not just a standard lobe piercing, considering they tend to use 16g for those, thats at the very least a 10g so you’d have tyo guage your ears

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