Doctor Who Wallpaper: Classic TARDIS Roundels

Doctor Who Wallpaper Classic TARDIS Roundels

So you’ve built your TARDIS console and have it sitting in the living room. You have a coat rack and you’ve even made the floor look like the TARDIS floor; but your TARDIS is not complete without this awesome Doctor Who Wallpaper: Classic TARDIS Roundels.

It makes any room look like the classic TARDIS from the original series of Doctor Who. NOW you can flip the lever on your console and fly off to adventure. Maybe! If you built it properly. If not, just sit back and enjoy the view.

This awesome wallpaper is just £34.99 from Forbidden Planet.

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Conner Flynn

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  1. This lovely wallpaper is also available at and at the slightly cheaper price of £30 a roll including UK delivery. They also do a three roll special which is over 6 metres wide for £85 so saving a bit more. Loads of photos of it too….

  2. Really happy to have my comment moderated!

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