Doctor Who TARDIS Secret Bank Keychain

Doctor Who TARDIS Secret Bank Keychain

This Doctor Who TARDIS Keychain is more than just a cool design for Dr. Who fans; it actually contains a secret bank. This die cast keyring is 2 inches tall and includes a secret compartment that can hold emergency cash. You never know when you’ll run out of money or forget your wallet (or worse, lose it), so it pays to be prepared with some extra money in this secret bank.

Doctor Who TARDIS Secret Bank Key Chain

  • Keyring bank based on the TARDIS from Dr. Who.
  • A handy place to keep some emergency cash!
  • Because you never know when you’ll need a dollar.
  • Let this time machine bail you out!
  • 2 Inches Tall

Order the Doctor Who TARDIS Secret Bank Keychain for $10.99 at

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5 Responses to “Doctor Who TARDIS Secret Bank Keychain”

  1. Hi , I was just wondering , what material is this tardis made out of ? I’m interfered at this product , therefor I am wondering . If you could reply to me as soon as possible , it would be much appreciated . Thank you

  2. What is this product made off ?

  3. Hi , I’m very interesting in buying this product and I’m just wondering what type of matireal is this product made out off ?

  4. It says “this die cast keyring” so it most likely is metal.

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