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Digital Sundial 01

If you always thought it would be cool to own a sundial but don’t like the idea of telling time by the direction the shadow is pointing, the Digital Sundial provides a digital-looking, modern twist to the old idea of using the sun to tell time.

Did you notice how I said digital-looking? That’s because this clock is solar-powered in the truest sense of the word, with no electricity or moving parts involved. Instead, precision craftsmanship delivers a device that displays the time by allowing sunlight through two masks designed in the shape of numbers. Light filters through the masks so the time can be read on the horizontal mirror.

Digital Sundial

Designed and built in Germany, the digital sundial is a precision instrument. To ensure maximum quality and a highly accurate time display, each sundial is manufactured by hand to extremely precise specifications. The digital sundial is designed for indoor use and ships with both a window mount and a tabletop mount, which are preset to your geographic location. Either mount positions the sundial at the proper angle, and positions the mirror horizontally below. The window version is about 6″ high and 3″ wide; the tabletop version is about 3″ high.

Unfortunately, the Digital Sundial isn’t available in the US or Canada at this time, but just about everyone else can use the sun to tell time for €91/$119.95/£76.72 at

(via Topless Robot)

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