Darth Vader / Death Star Transformer

Hasbro Star Wars Transformer Deluxe Death Sta

Do you think the Transformers movie is the best thing that has happened since the birth of Star Wars? Then this is the perfect toy for you.

The Hasbro Star Wars Transformer Deluxe Death Star ($50) is a Darth Vader mech figure that changes into Death Star vehicle mode. It features two battle modes with electronic lights-and-sounds and comes with Darth Vader pilot mini figure, 2 TIE Fighter mini vehicles and 3 Stormtrooper mini figures.

(Via Digital Drops)

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13 Responses to “Darth Vader / Death Star Transformer”

  1. Dont copyrights apply to this?

  2. Wow, that’s …. well i’m speachless, WTH were they thinking.

  3. thats a sin

  4. Looks like Unicron went under the knife….

  5. WAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that’s the most amazing thing ever!

  6. I pretty much agree, it sure is super cool. 🙂

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