Custom Mii Wedding Cake Toppers

Custom Mii Wedding Cake Toppers

It’s a beautiful thing when two geek hearts find each other, intertwine, and marry. If you and your fiancée happen to be big Nintendo geeks and want to have an extra-special, personalized wedding cake, then you could get a Custom Mii Wedding Cake Topper made by Paul Pape Designs.

Not only will the Mii cake topper perfectly capture the newlyweds-to-be, the couple will also get to keep the topper as a wonderful souvenir of how video games played an intrinsic part in their union.

Mii Wedding Cake Toppers

Paul Pape Designs can design the cake topper exactly like your Mii’s and even have them dressed just like you on your wedding day. All you have to do is provide photos and some details on your wardrobe, and all will be incorporated into the design of your cake topper.

Custom Mii Wedding Cake Topper

Check out the various Custom Mii Wedding Cake Toppers at Paul Pape Designs. Prices for the cake toppers range from $200-$300. There are also many other geeky cake toppers to choose from beyond the Mii, including Xbox Avatars and World of Warcraft toppers.

Here’s another idea for the groom who has a penchant for retro gaming. He might want to wear an 8-Bit Bow Tie, quite a seductive sight for the bride to behold as she walks down the aisle.

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  1. These are awesome, but what are they made from? Are they each hand made or is there a basic mold?

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