Crayola Insulated Drink Container

Crayola Insulated Drink Container

Do you know what Crayola tastes like? Well, if you were a kid once who was left unsupervised with a huge box of crayons, then you’ve probably taken at least a bite or two of the ones with the more appealing colors. (I took a huge bite out of the pink one–it reminded me of this strawberry cream coated pretzel that I used to love back then.) And while the Crayola Insulated Drink Container isn’t actually made of crayons, it definitely makes for a fun drinks container.

The Crayola Insulated Drink Container is, as its name says, insulated, so it will keep drinks and soups warm for a longer period of time. The cap doubles as a cup so you can just pour the contents out and drink it from the tip of crayon.

Adults might want to look into the Fat Boy Travel Mug instead, which makes carrying around your favorite drinks easy and convenient.

Crayola Insulated Drink Container

Crayola Insulated Drink Container

  • Insulated travel container with cup styled like a Crayola crayon
  • Spill-proof screw top keeps content secure
  • Four colorful options: blue, green, red, and yellow
  • Perfect for drinks and soups
  • Hand washing recommended

TheĀ Crayola Insulated Drink Container is available from Neatoshop for $6.95.

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