Colt .45 Cufflinks

Colt .45 Cufflinks

GeekAlerts has shown some pretty cool cufflinks in the past like: iPhone App Buttons, Facebook Like Dislike and even Remington 270 Win cufflinks.  If you are a true gun person, or from Texas, then you will love the real Colt .45 Cufflinks.  These cufflinks are made from real .45 cartridges that have had there shot at the firing range but still want to make their presence known.  Flash around your Colt .45 Cufflinks at your next business meeting and you’re sure to get the attention of gun enthusiasts and regular folks that will understand you mean business.

Real Colt .45 Cufflinks

These hand made in the USA cufflinks look great and make a great gift for the gun enthusiast in your family.  Add the .375 Caliber Bullet Pen to make a package that even trigger happy Yosemite Sam would be proud of.

Hand Made Colt .45 Cufflinks

These unique cufflinks are made from the cartridges of spent Colt .45 rounds. They are cut, polished, and assembled by hand in the USA.  An extraordinary gift for the adventurous man, the Colt .45 Cufflinks will add a dash of John Wayne and Clint Eastwood to his next black tie affair.  Made from used Colt .45 cartridge (Brass).

You can purchase the Colt .45 Cufflinks at Vat19 for $36.50.

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