Brains Hinge Wallet

Brains Hinge Wallet

What’s more frightening than an empty wallet? An empty Brains Hinge Wallet featuring a brain-hungry, zombified version of Rosie the Riveter from the famous “We Can Do It!” World War II poster. Now that’s messed up.

Zombie women are concerned with only one thing, and that’s getting their grimy, decrepit hands on as many brains as possible. They could care less about working in factories to replace their zombie men who have gone to war. Heck, if more zombie men get deployed that means more brains for the women!

Brains Hinge Wallet

  • This black wallet features a colorful zombie “BRAINS” design. Inside has card slots, billfold and zipper pocket.
  • 7″ x 3 3/4″
  • Man-made materials

Even more practical are the compartments inside the wallet. There is a zippered compartment to hold loose change, and a flat compartment for cash. On the opposite side are slots for credit cards and identification, including a clear plastic window for quickly flashing your most requested photo ID. The wallet clasps together for a tight barrier against the rough outdoors and there is a detachable wristlet handle for super-fast schlepping.

Get this disturbing Brains Hinge Wallet at Hot Topic for $12.50.

Another startling item we’ve stumbled upon in zombie couture is the Zombie Stomper Platform Pump.

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