Boxing Glove Pillow Cases

Boxing Glove Pillow Cases

I don’t think it’s a very good idea to introduce young kids (especially boys) to the world of boxing or wrestling at a young age. Mainly because they could be overly aggressive and get hurt. So if they are asking for a pair of boxing gloves for their birthday or for Christmas, then these Boxing Glove Pillow Cases might be the better option.

They’re not exactly the boxing gloves your kid asked for, but they come pretty close. Dress up your pillows in these Boxing Glove Pillow Cases. The worst your kids can do with them is start up a pillow fight and nothing more.

Boxing Glove Pillow Cases

Boxing Glove Pillow Cases

These pillow cases are the perfect compliment for athletic types who are full of energy and never seem to want to go to bed. They’re part of the Pop Pillows pillow case collectionfeaturing reversible pillow covers that will put a smile on your face every time you see them and have you waking up in a cheerful mood.
The package contains 2 red pillow cases that you can use to sleep…. or to attack your bedmate in the middle of the night.
One side has the front of a boxing glove printed on it, except, instead of “Everlast” it reads “Feather Weight- Pillow Fight”. The other side represents the back of a lace-up glove.

The Boxing Glove Pillow Cases are available from Curiosite for $19.88.

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  1. i couldn’t dis agree more. its e sensual to teach kids boxing at a young age to get the mindset they need to tackle life ,

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