World’s Smallest Boombox is an iPhone Speaker

iPod/iPhone Speaker Dock Boombox

Boombox inspired dock for iPod and iPhones is nothing new. We have seen quite of few of them here at GeekAlerts, like the Lasonic i931, the Cardboard MP3 Boombox and the iPod Boombox with Radio, but never before this small.

BoomDock Speaker is a super mini portable speaker compatible with iPhone / iPod Touch / iPod nano / iPod / iPod Classic / iPod mini.

The tiny retro inspired speaker doesn’t require batteries or any other kind of power source, other than the Apple player itself. There are four different colors for you to choose from: black, silver, red and pink.

iPod/iPhone Speaker Dock Boombox

The small iPod/iPhone speaker dock boombox is available from Geek Stuff 4U for about $44 USD or from the Chinese website Wanyi99 for about $25 USD.

(Via Technabob)

iPod/iPhone Speaker Dock Boombox

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  1. Damn. This seems to be out of stock everywhere!

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