Beautiful Retro Popcorn Maker

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Retro Hot-Oil Popcorn Maker

If the Darth Vader Popcorn Machine is a bit too geek for you, maybe this beautiful retro inspired hot-oil model will be better suited to take your movie nights to the next level.

…this stainless-steel electric kettle pops up to 16 cups/1 gallon of fresh, hot popcorn per batch. A built-in stirring mechanism ensures light, fluffy kernels every time. Includes measuring spoon for oil and measuring cup for corn kernels.

The Nostalgia Electrics Retro Kettle Popcorn Maker is yours for $79.99 from It is also available at and

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3 Responses to “Beautiful Retro Popcorn Maker”

  1. That is gayy cause its not darth vader!!!

  2. hi are you able to send this machine to malaysia?

  3. hi,very nice but not easy to get it

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