ArtyA Son of a Gun Bullet Watch

ArtyA Son of a Gun Bullet Watch

Bullets are working their way into all kinds of designs, from Colt 45 Cufflinks and Bullet Space Pens to 9mm Earphones and AK47 Ice Cubes. Now there is a new one, as ArtyA is introducing their new Son of a Gun Bullet Watch. The design mimics the barrel of a revolver by suspending 6 real bullets in the dial. This shooting theme is amplified by the bezel and inner dial, which are designed to look like a target. On top of this, visible copper wire winding make this watch look positively explosive.

Son of a Gun Bullet Watch

To debut the collection Artya has imagined a watch containing real bullets. With a bezel and inner dial like a target sight, the piece showcases six 6mm Flobert bullets suspended in the dial almost like the barrel of a revolver. Use of copper wire like dynamite wire and the iconic 47mm wide steel case display Artya brand DNA.

Bite the Bullet: Guns don’t always kill people, time always does.

Visit ArtyA to learn more about the Son of a Gun Watch or to explore their other unique timepieces.

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7 Responses to “ArtyA Son of a Gun Bullet Watch”

  1. How exactly would someone get through airport security wearing one of these? I can only imagine the hell…

  2. Hello Scott,

    It is made with real bullets so you would not be able to fly with it unless you fly privet.

    When selling the watch we do make sure to tell people that so they do not run into any issues.

  3. I think this watch is cool and am thinking of purchasing it for dear hubby..however, I can’t get past the notion that it looks like a bomb with the exposed copper wiring showing on the face.

  4. I love that line, “Guns don’t always kill people, time always does.” All in all it’s a pretty cool watch.

  5. Can you buy this?

  6. How do you buy one of these?

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