Ampersand Marquee Light

Ampersand Marquee Light

A few years ago, GeekAlerts featured the @ Lamp which adds so much flair to a plain wall. But wouldn’t it look even more awesome hung up next to its fellow curly-swirly keyboard mate, the Ampersand Marquee Light?

Ampersand Marquee Light

  • Marquee fixtures reminiscent of theatres past
  • Ampersand marquee fixture adds light and vintage-inspired charm to any room
  • Hang it on your wall, set it on a shelf – the possibilities are endless and dramatic
  • Light bulbs included
  • 17″w, 17″h, 4″d

With the two together, your place will look glamorous yet geeky… not that there’s anything wrong with it. When illuminated, the symbols look orange, but when turned off they look reddish. So it’s basically like you have art with split personalities. A lot of us can relate to that, too.

Each light can be ordered with the choice of clear or multi-colored lights, having teal, clear, and yellow tinted bulbs. That’s a tough decision for the buyer, but either one is sure to be a winning choice. My guess is that the lights are powered by an electric cord located in back rather than battery-operated. Having these original pieces of wall art is a way to keep the cheer of Christmas lights while not being lame if you leave them up all year long.

Both the At Symbol Marquee Light and the Ampersand Marquee Light are available at Urban Outfitters for $199.

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