Aircraft Computer Mouse with LED Lights

Aircraft Mouse

Can’t stand those animal theme theme computer mice like the penguin and ladybug ones? Do you feel your desktop deserves more action? Here you go:

Put your hand on top of the f the wings and feel your hand sink into the mouse. With 800DIP optical sensor, it makes the Aircraft Mouse accurate. Ready to fly?

Aircraft Mouse

The Aircraft Mouse is available in black or white and features two buttons, a scroll wheel and LED lights in red and blue. Size: 149 x 109 x 30 mm.

Aircraft Mouse

No word on pricing.

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9 Responses to “Aircraft Computer Mouse with LED Lights”

  1. Oh, That is really an interesting invention to the computer technology.

  2. that is sum wierd shit

  3. it’s cool, i have seen it before

  4. wow, amazing!!

  5. its very cool ,how can i get one


  7. Are they still being sold, Robert?

    Followed your link and realized after that you posted this six years ago.

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