World of Warcraft Set of 10 Mini Weapons

World of Warcraft Set of 10 Mini Weapons

Dragons, warlocks and elves, oh my! I mean, oh WoW! So you love battling with various weapons on World of Warcraft, but how often do you get to handle them in real life? If you answered, “Warcraft is my real life,” then the World of Warcraft Set of 10 Mini Weapons is a nice mini gift to yourself for the countless hours you’ve dedicated to your MMROPGs.

A sampling of 10 of your favorite weapons in miniature size. (3-4inches) They are perfect for display, and you can use them as keychains, pendants, charms, as they are cast with an eyelet on the handle. These are not cheap plastic replicas. These are alloy casted for longevity. Choose your weapon.

Though these mini weapons are intended to be just for show, you’ll appreciate the nice “tink, tink” metal sounds they make as they come into contact with each other. Keep them at home for display or attach them to a necklace, bracelet or earrings if you please. You can even send a weapon out to each of your best online comrades to strengthen the brother/sisterhood.

Hopefully, you’ve already seen the designer World of Warcraft Stoneware Stein and Mugs we’ve posted in the past. They can hold any magical potion to replenish your energy for your gaming journey.

The World of Warcraft Set of 10 Mini Weapons comes in a decorative box, which can be purchased through Geek Cantina for $29.95.

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