Wonka Who T-Shirt

Wonka Who T-Shirt

The Wonka Who T-Shirt provides an eye-opening explanation for the candy shop that’s almost too weird for words to describe. A mysterious individual who seems intelligent and insane at the same time? An outlandish wardrobe that seems to borrow from a variety of times and places? Oompa-Loompas? Isn’t it obvious? Willy Wonka is a Time Lord.

The Doctor has enjoyed a variety of foods through his various incarnations, ranging from fish fingers and custard to Jelly Babies, so why not become the most awesome candy manufacturer in the world when taking a break from saving the universe from Cybermen and Daleks and Weeping Angels?

Willy Wonka, as portrayed by Gene Wilder, already looks so much like a Time Lord that no changes had to be made to his appearance at all. Just stick a sonic screwdriver in his hand and it’s super-easy to imagine the TARDIS tucked away in the candy factory, just waiting for him to take a break from candy-making for a trip through time and space.

Wonka Who Shirt

Satisfy your Doctor Who sweet tooth with the Wonka Who T-Shirt for $22.70 at RedBubble.com.

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