Who Maimed Roger Rabid Poster

Who Maimed Roger Rabid Poster

Wow! Check out those curves, those white, glazed-over eyes, that sensuous blood-stained mouth. Wait a minute. That’s not the Jessica Rabbit I know and love in the Who Maimed Roger Rabid Poster. It’s her undead carcass on the prowl for a little rabbit stew.

Zombie lovers will get a kick out of this Who Framed Roger Rabbit parody, with a wickedly undead Jessica trying to convince Roger that she’s not really dead; she’s just drawn that way. From the look on Roger’s furry face, I don’t think he’s buying it, and that’s probably for the best because zombie Jessica is looking for more a lot more than a lucky rabbit foot.


  • 19″ x 13″ poster
  • Printed on heavy-weight 100 lb card stock with smooth coating and matte finish
  • By the Rock Star of Illustration, Matt Busch
  • Exclusive signed edition

Add some lively undead color to your walls with the Who Maimed Roger Rabid Poster from NeatoShop for $19.95.

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