What if Zelda was a Girl T-Shirt

What if Zelda was a Girl TShirt

When your non-gamer friends see you wearing the What if Zelda was a Girl T-Shirt, you’ll know their status as a non-gamer is secure if they happen to be puzzled by this question, because they probably already have Link and Zelda confused with each other.

I suppose in the early days, it was understandable for confusion to run rampant when it came to figuring out who was who in The Legend of Zelda video game. After all, we’d always see the title of the game accompanied by a picture of Link, so it was easy to think the little blonde elf in the green tunic and pointy cap was named Zelda. It’s not like either Link or Zelda screams boy name or girl name, so that wasn’t any help, either.

What if Zelda was a Girl Shirt

Fortunately, those who know the truth can now have tons of fun when going to conventions because you know this shirt will make some fanboys lapse into fits of hysteria, while others simply laugh along with you.

Become the ultimate real-life troll, providing endless irritation and agitation like an itch that can’t be scratched, with the What if Zelda was a Girl T-Shirt for $25.56 at RedBubble.com.


  1. this made me laugh so hard. you really thought the main Charter was named Zelda. Did you even play any of the game they tell you you have to save Zelda some something.

  2. Srsly guys, did u even read the artical -___- it says this is to troll non gamers… next time read the artical idiots -______________-

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