USB Digital 400x Microscope

USB Digital Microscope

Microscopes that hook up to your computer via USB are not new. In fact, on the surface this USB Digital 400x Microscope looks a lot like the USB Microscope and Pen Microscope we’ve covered before. However, the technology is evolving so this model has much better specs, additional features, and costs less money. Although a microscope that can take still pictures and video has a lot of practical applications, it is priced as cheap as a toy and would be a lot of fun just to play around with.

One major improvement of this digital microscope over past models is that, at 400X zoom, this has a much higher degree of magnification. It also generates higher resolution still pictures with resolutions up to 2592 x 1944 pixels (5MP) and better video at 640 x 480 at 30 frames per second. Another major new feature is that this model includes 8 built-in super-bright LED lights. Good lighting is key to much better image quality.

400x Digital Microscope

Microscope Features

  • Powerful 400x Zoom
  • Extremely detailed images
  • Record what your microscope is examining
  • Has snap-shot and zoom buttons on the side
  • Easy to use software for both professionals and amateurs
  • Take high resolution pictures at 2592 x 1944 pixels

Computer USB Microscope with LED Lights

Microscope Specifications

  • 400X Magnification
  • .3 Megapixel color CMOS image sensor
  • Manual Focus from 5mm to 50mm
  • Still Image Resolution from 640×480 to 2592×1944
  • 640×480, 30 fps AVI video
  • Auto White Balance
  • USB 2.0 USB Cable Length
  • Dimensions: 110mm x 30mm (Length x Radius)

The USB Digital Microscope for Computers is on sale for $36.26 at Chinavasion.


    • A search online shows that 400x magnification would be plenty to see your little swimmers. However, I don’t know if this particular microscope has the resolution and clarity to show them.

      I suspect this microscope will work much better at lower magnification levels such as 10x – 50x, and the higher zoom images might not be as clear and detailed.

  1. Actually pretty good question from martin (still creepy), because of the size of a sperm, you can get an idea from what can it capture. ive got a kids microscope, with which i can see some cells from different plants, but i would like if it could at least to see some bacteria, the cells in my skin, etc.

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