Un Homme/Une Femme Vases

Un Homme/Une Femme Vases

It’s a relief that two genders exist when it comes to humans, animals and even plants. Imagine living in a world with just one gender. It wouldn’t be pretty. The Un Homme/Une Femme Vases are a nice home accent celebrating the dichotomy of men and women.

Flowers that you put in the vases will look like the figures’ heads and will give them instant personality. Creative minds might start visualizing faces within the flowers. Any type of flower will look stunning against the vases’ white background.

His ‘n’ Hers. Conceptual vases 3-D international gender icons in matte white porcelain. Center hole for hanging.

  • Porcelain with matte white glaze
  • Watertight
  • Hang on wall

You could install a vase outside a restroom door to indicate which loo is meant for whom. People waiting their turn in line will appreciate staring at something other than a blank door.

Or you could buy several of the vases and line them up in a row to throw in a little drama. Just like in any setting, throw a bunch of men and women together and you’ve got yourself an entertaining reality show.

The Un Homme/Une Femme Vases are on sale for only $3.95 US each at CB2, so don’t be shy about populating your abode.

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