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Recently we introduced you to Rout–in particular all the awesome Geek Items that they list. However, the Cool Products Section is even better, and it’s where you can find Thousands of the Coolest Products Online. There’s such an incredible selection, along with awesome prices, that it’s all I need to create my Christmas wish list.

While the Nerd Products lists are an awesome match for readers of GeekAlerts, especially if you like Star Wars, Batman, Superman, Dr. Who, The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, Star Trek, video games, etc., the Cool section is actually even better in my humble opinion. As it is described on the site, it is a selection of unique, innovative & awesome gear, gizmos & gadgets.

If it is your first time visiting this page, I recommend browsing the Hot Deals on Cool Products. It is the same selection of products as the regular Cool products page, but they are put in order with the better deals first. Since I’m on a budget, I would rather buy something on sale for a big discount instead of paying full price.

This brings up a huge distinction between and other sites out there. There’s a bunch of sites that list cool products you can buy, but from my experience the prices they list are usually incorrect. In fact, many of the items are not even available to buy. continually tracks and updates the prices, so you can see what the current price is and that it is actually in stock to buy.

This continual tracking is what makes it possible to list items in order of what is a hot deal, as described above, since they know if the price now is better than it ever was in the past. It also powers a host of useful features like price charts (see what the price was before), price tracking (get an alert when a price drops below your target price), comparison shopping (see what the price is at other stores), and more. Check it all out now at, and get yourself a free account to make the most of the site.

Update: This site used to be called Shogasm, but now is called Rout. The name has been updated in this article, and the link changed from to

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