Thor The Dark World Mew-Mew-Mjolnir Kitty

Thor The Dark World Mew-Mew-Mjolnir Kitty

Thor might be one of the mightiest Norse gods around and his lightning-summoning hammer is impressive but the word ‘Mjolnir’ doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue, which is why we now have the Thor The Dark World Mew-Mew-Mjolnir Kitty.

Most people would probably just avoid using the formal name of Thor’s hammer if they had any doubts about how to pronounce it, but Darcy accepted the challenge with no problem at all in Thor: The Dark World, proudly christening the mighty mallet as mew-mew. It doesn’t exactly strike fear in the bad guys so I’m not surprised Thor opted to stick with the original name.

The Mew-Mew-Mjolnir, made of wool, leatherette, and polyester, looks like a playful kitten and can be made in two sizes. There’s no mention on measurements but the large version looks to be about the size of the hammer carried by Thor in the movies.

Mew-Mew-Mjolnir Kitty

Not surprisingly, since Christmas is right around the corner, the Thor The Dark World Mew-Mew-Mjolnir Kitty is sold out at the moment but the designer promises a new batch is on the way. They will be available for $25.30 at TwinsGeekShop’s Etsy store.

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