Terminator T-800 Head 20 oz. Molded Mug

Terminator T-800 Head 20 oz. Molded Mug

The T-800 is back and this time he is not causing mayhem, but instead is a vessel for your coffee. This Terminator T-800 Head 20 oz. Molded Mug looks awesome and it has been expertly crafted to look just like a head from one of the killer robots from the Terminator series.

You will feel like you brought down Skynet and hollowed out a robot skull for a trophy. This mug holds 20 ounces of liquid and I am calling it the best mug ever.

I’ll be back! For more coffee. Only $14.99 from Entertainment Earth. Pre-order it now for April.

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  1. Ha ha, this is funny. This is the artist’s rendering, obviously. Once they finally got these in they posted photos of this mug and they look NOTHING like these paintings. They are ugly and very cheap looking. So clearly they said “Screw it, put the paintings back up, then we can trick people into buying them!”

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