Taking Aim Toilet Target Decals

Taking Aim toilet targets

Someone was really thinking outside the bowl with this one. Introducing Taking Aim Toilet Target Decals, intended to expedite and liven up the potty training process.

Little boys get a bad rap for not picking up potty training as quickly little girls. But maybe it’s because they haven’t been challenged with an exciting enough mission. When it comes to shooting things, little boys have all that programmed into their little noggins from birth, pretty much. By providing targets in the shape of things boys like such as monster trucks and excavators, boys (young and old) will not hesitate to approach the shooting range and fire at will.

Taking Aim Toilet Targets: Taking aim, while making precision potty training fun!

You will receive 6 individual decals as pictured in the photos. Apply 1 or more to the inside of your toilet to help your little man learn to stand and pee without making a big mess! These will make for a great conversation starter! The included easy application instructions will guide you through drying your toilet bowl and cleaning methods.

  • Dirt bike, monster truck, tractor, crane, dump truck, excavator
  • Decal sizes range from approximately 2 1/2 to” 5″ depending on design.
  • The default color for this decal is black; however you can choose a different color!
  • Our decals are cut from high quality, removable (not reusable) vinyl that has been rated to last up to six years outdoors.

Taking Aim Toilet Target Decals can be ordered through Etsy.com for $10 US.

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