Edward Kenway Assassin’s Creed Statue

Most people wouldn’t be comfortable inviting an assassin into their homes but the Edward Kenway Assassin’s Creed Resin Statue – McFarlane Collectors Club Exclusive will have fans of the popular action-adventure franchise anxious to welcome this particular killer into their family. Based on Assassin’s Creed […]


Halo 4 Action Figures

Fans of the Halo franchise of games will want to get their hands on these Halo 4 Action Figures, which look pretty awesome. These 6″ action figures each have at least two dozen moving parts. You can choose from Master Chief, Didact, Elite Ranger, Spartan […]

Venom Big Grin T-Shirt

Venom Big Grin T-Shirt

Venom is one of Spider-Man’s archenemies, and also the subject of this really cool Venom Big Grin T-Shirt. The Venom Symbiote is an alien life form that bonds with a host, giving it enhanced powers. Spider-Man was the first known host, but Peter Parker was […]