Rubik's Cube Money Box

Rubik’s Cube Money Box

I knew this guy in college who could take any scrambled up Rubik’s cube and solve it in a matter of minutes, sometimes, even seconds. He taught me the techniques and all that, but my Rubik’s solving time still stands at somewhere around the five […]

Rubik's Junior Game

Rubik’s Junior Game

If Junior wants to get into the gaming scene, then by all means let him. If anyone you know is interested in starting out on solving Rubik’s cubes, then it might not be a very good idea to start them off with the Scruble Cube […]

Rubik's Cube Speaker

Rubik’s Cube Speaker

If you love giving your Rubik’s Cube a spin once in a while to check if you can still hold up to the record time you once set, then you’ll also love having this Rubik’s Cube Speaker on your desk to crank out your tunes […]

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Rubik’s Cube Phone Strap

The 2×2 Cube Puzzle ($2.6) is a mini version of the Rubik’s Cube, intended to hang as a little geek jewelry in you mobile phone. Here you’ll have only four squares per side, instead of the original 3×3 setup. (Via Tokyomango)