Video Streaming Robotic Projectionist

The robots take the first step at becoming our overlords with the Video Streaming Robotic Projectionist. Projecting an 80″ picture on any surface from 9 3/4′ away, this mobile robot frees cat videos from the tiny confines of phone screens. Now it’s possibly to be […]


Motion Mimicking Mechanoid

This is it, people. The Motion Mimicking Mechanoid is one of the first steps towards a robot apocalypse. Prepare to kneel before your robot overlords, and remember that this little guy started it all. Sure, this 4-foot-tall figure might look cute, possibly triggering memories of […]

Robot Bank

Robot Bank

No one will guard and protect your money like this Robot Bank. Robots never get tired, they never give up and they will not be defeated. So it makes sense to have a robot bank. It’s a robot. It’s a bank. Really, do you need […]

Giant Robot Cap

Giant Robot Flat Bill Cap

Turn yourself into a Japanese style robot with this cool Giant Robot Flat Bil Cap. This 6-panel hat has black, stitched, contrast grommets and an elastic back. It is one-size-fits-most. Be the robot that you have always wanted to be and protect your city from […]