LEGO Creator Ford Mustang

LEGO Creator Ford Mustang #10265

If you’re into modern race cars, you might favor the LEGO Technic Porsche 911 RSR, but if you like classic American muscle pony cars, you need to check out the new LEGO Creator Ford Mustang #10265. Comprised of 1471 pieces, this exclusive set allows you […]

Life-Sized LEGO Ford Explorer

Life-Sized LEGO Ford Explorer

Holy SUVs, Batman! This fiery-red Life-Sized LEGO Ford Explorer is completely made of our favorite toy bricks from wheel to roof.  It probably cost more to make the LEGO version than manufacturing a real Ford Explorer. Did they superglue every one of the 380,000 bricks they use, because my puny […]

Ken Block Ford Fiesta R/C

R/C Replica of Ken Block’s Ford Fiesta Rally Car

Traxxas has released an officially licensed special-edition 1/16-scale R/C replica of the professional rally race driver Ken Block’s gymkhana Ford Fiesta competition car. Beneath the bodywork, Traxxas’ race-proven technology, full-time 4WD, and tire-spinning brushless horsepower thread the needle through the course with scalpel-like precision. The […]