Doctor Who Confession Dial Replica

Prepare to share your secrets with the Doctor Who Confession Dial Replica, and hope that you never get trapped in it. Making it’s first appearance in The Magician’s Apprentice and showing up at various times throughout Series 9 of Doctor Who, this is the replica […]


Doctor Who TARDIS Coat

Forget bow ties, fez’s, and navy blue jackets with red lining because the Doctor Who TARDIS Coat is what’s cool now. Sometimes, for whatever reason, Whovians like to keep their love for Doctor Who a little low-key, for those times when TARDIS blue and sonic […]


Doctor Who Four Doctors T-Shirt

What’s better than one Doctor? Four of them, captured in eye-catching art on the Doctor Who Four Doctors T-Shirt. If you’re a fan of Doctor Who, especially New Who, you’ll love this 100% cotton tee that features the Ninth Doctor, Tenth Doctor, Eleventh Doctor, and […]


Doctor Who TARDIS Corset Dress

The Doctor’s iconic ride gets a Steampunk-style makeover with the Doctor Who TARDIS Corset Dress, proving that even a blue phone box can look stylish with a little imagination. We’ve seen a few versions of the TARDIS dress, with items like the Doctor Who TARDIS […]


Doctor Who Coloring Book

A green TARDIS? A pink Weeping Angel? The power is yours with the Doctor Who Coloring Book as you harness the power of the rainbow to affect all of Time and Space. Get creative with the universe of Doctor Who with this 96-page books that […]


Doctor Who Ink Splatter Dalek T-Shirt

Exterminate your fashion adversaries with the Doctor Who Ink Splatter Dalek T-Shirt and show everybody that you’re a good Dalek. The Daleks are evil and always trying to ruin the Doctor’s fun. They’re not very interesting to look at either, basically resembling rolling trashcans with […]