Atari Flashback 3

Atari Flashback 3 Gaming System

Many gamers transitioned over to first-person shooters and never looked back, but there are a few of us that still appreciate the classics like NES and Atari. The other week GeekAlerts showed you a great way to enjoy all your SNES and NES Games on […]


Nintendo DS Chocolate Case

Yes, you have probably seen them before; the chocolate inspired cases – like this one for iPod Shuffle or this one for iPhones and iPods. The latest addition to this yummy line of cases is one for the Nintendo DS Lite handheld game console. A […]

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Atari Flashback Portable

The Atari Flashback Portable isn’t out yet, it’s a prototype designed by Curt Vendel. The good news is that it will be out at one point or another – so it’s not one of those “cool, too bad it’s never going to be released” kind […]