i-Speaker is a u-Speaker

May 25, 2009 Robert Birming 0

This new portable USB stereo speaker is shaped like the letter ‘U’ and the product has been given the somewhat contradictive name iSpeaker. It connects to portable audio players, laptops and other products using a standard 3.5mm stereo audio plug.


MP3 Player with USB Card Reader

May 21, 2009 Robert Birming 3

You will get two products for the price of one with this colorful and handy little 2-in-1 gadget; an audio player that supports MP3 and WMA files and a microSD USB card reader.


USB Flower Mini Speaker

March 4, 2009 Robert Birming 7

If you are a fan of flower inspired gadgets, like the USB Flower Fan and the Rose Microphone, this brand new USB mini speaker should be right up your alley.


Portable USB Media Player

February 20, 2009 Robert Birming 5

N3501 is the name of this new portable media player from Lovely Star. The travel-friendly PMP is equipped with a 4GB memory and a 3.5-inch TFT LCD screen that is capable of displaying 1600 million colors in a 640 x 480 pixel resolution.


Spy Camcorder MP3 Player

February 20, 2009 Robert Birming 10

This latest James Bond style gadget comes in the shape of a small MP3 player. Hidden inside you will find a camera that can record audio and shoot video or take still images.


Speech Bubble Speakers – Soon Available

January 29, 2009 Robert Birming 13

Some of you might have stumbled upon these cartoon speech bubble speakers last year when they were “only” one all all those cool concepts that pops up every week. But guess what? These awesome babies have now become reality.


iPod Plush Animal Speaker

January 21, 2009 Robert Birming 0

If you’re into plush gadgets like the Monkey USB Webcam with Pen Holder or the Monkey USB Speakers, this new one for iPod should be right up your alley.


Buffalo USB Mini Speaker

January 21, 2009 Robert Birming 1

This buffalo inspired USB mini speaker will play your favorite tunes after you have hooked it up with the audio player of your choice, using a 3.5mm audio input cable.


Lanyard-Style Earphones

January 18, 2009 Robert Birming 0

The new AudioWear lanyard-style earphones from i2iGear are lightweight, adjustable, and designed to allow you to wear your favorite MP3 player like a necklace.


USB Cow Speaker

December 23, 2008 Robert Birming 6

Fans of small animal inspired speakers, like these previous pig, penguin and sheep models, can now expand their audio gadget collections with this new cow version.


Multimedia Watch with Camcorder

December 19, 2008 Robert Birming 5

This multimedia watch is not only a music player, voice recorder, image viewer, digital camera and an e-book reader – it also comes with a feature that most of its competitors are missing; the capability to record video.


iSpeaker – Portable Speaker

December 15, 2008 Robert Birming 4

The portable graphite grey iSpeaker connects to the audio player of your choice using a standard 3.5mm stereo audio plug. The built-in rechargeable battery makes it easy for you to share your music with others without having to worry about finding a socket.