Adam West Action Figure

He’ll always be Batman to his legion of loyal fans but the Adam West Action Figure lets you take adventure beyond the cape and cowl. Based on the Mis-Adventures of Adam West comic book series from Blue Water Productions, this action figure features an officially-licensed […]


Classic TV Batman Bust

If you love your Batman retro and campy, check out this Classic TV Batman Bust. He will look so good in your collection. This is Batman as portrayed by Adam West in the 1960s TV show. This bust measures 6 inches tall, and will be […]


1966 Batman Wacky Wobbler

Adam West’s version of Batman has always been wacky, but not even he could have envisioned the 1966 Batman Wacky Wobbler. Did anyone expect a resurgence in the popularity of the old Batman TV series? We have action figures like the Batman Classic 1966 TV […]