Awesome 50s Style Mecha Robot Models

January 18, 2009 Robert Birming 4

The talented Japanese 3D artist Kazushi Kobayashi has created the Chubu 01 – a line of beautiful mecha robot models described as something from “a parallel 50s where the robots are the most popular transport system”.

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Retro USB Turntable

September 2, 2007 Robert Birming 5

We did cover a portable USB turntable as late as the day before yesterday. But with the Crosley CR249 Keepsake USB Turntable you will get more than just the retro feeling, you will also get a true 50s retro look.

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Retro Looking iPod Jukebox

August 11, 2007 Robert Birming 1

The TCU-350SD ($208) from the Japanese Scitec company is a “jukebox” designed like a 1950s record player. It plays vinyl records, CDs, AM/FM radio and music from your iPod. You will also be able to convert tracks from vinyl and CD to MP3 format. Then […]