Tachikoma – The Email Reading USB Robot


Tachikoma is the name of this blue little robot from the Japanese Bandai company. It will not only look cool on your desk, it can be quite helpful too.

After having connected the four-legged robot to your computer’s USB port, Tachikoma will be able to help you read emails, create and process applications and allow you to play mini games.

Here’s a short video clip of the robot in action:

The Bandai Tachikoma Robot ($202) is available from GeekStuff4U.com. (Update: Link removed because the website no longer exists.)


  1. i like tachikomas and all, but if that all it does, $200 bucks is a rip off. neat toy tho, wouldnt buy one based of price alone.

  2. Its actually the name of the robot series, not just one robot from G.I.T.S. The price is crazy. My sister has those pets that you raise on the keychain, it does the same thing and its only 10 bucks.

  3. I really want this, but I have heard that the software will not work with english laptops, that it can only work with Japanese.


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