Subwing Underwater Glider

Underwater Glider Subwing

You might not be able to soar through the air on a giant kite but you can fly through the water with the Subwing Underwater Glider, which makes regular swimming seem kind of old-fashioned and dull.

Consisting of two separate wings connected to a rotating swivel, the Subwing lets you get straight to having underwater fun without needing a lot of training. Just grab hold of the grip on each wing or the rear handle and prepare for the sensation of flying. Maneuvering is done by tilting the wings in different angles. Tilt both wings down to dive, and up to resurface, or tilt them in opposite directions to roll.

The Subwing only needs to be towed at 2 to 4 knots so no fancy boat or high-powered motor is required for underwater fun, and there’s no problem with diving down to 10 meters below the surface.

Available in ABS Honeycomb, glossy or matte carbon fiber, or fiberglass, you can get the Subwing Underwater Glider for prices ranging from $295 to $895 at

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