Spider-Gwen Ladies’ Cardigan

Spider-Gwen Ladies Cardigan

Spin some webs and capture some serious fashion with the Spider-Gwen Ladies’ Cardigan.

On Earth 65, Gwen Stacy, instead of Peter Parker, was bitten by the radioactive spider, becoming that world’s Spider-Woman, and she fights crime with a colorful style that make’s Parker’s red and blue ensemble seem boring in comparison.

This cool cardigan won’t give you a spidey-sense or the ability to climb walls but it does give you a spider’s proportionate sense of style.

Wait! That doesn’t sound right.

Anyway, the cardigan (Cardi-Gwen?) features Spider-Gwen’s eye-catching black, white, and pink color combo, along with blue buttons and blue webbing on the 3/4 sleeves.

The Spider-Gwen Ladies’ Cardigan is available for $47.99 at ThinkGeek.com.

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